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CrossFire–  started in 1980 supporting the Mountaineering / XC ski / rafting trade in Australia .  If the gear failed, the climber or kayaker may well not come home, so we became accustomed to designing to the highest standards.  It became a habit.  Mediocrity is easy to find in today’s over supplied markets, we feel more comfortable spending a few extra dollars to deliver the best in performance and lifetime value.

So we started making military kit and clothing in Classic Australian Cam DPCU, Black, Coyote and now Multicam. We’ve been busy ever since.

Our Mission

Crossfire will design and manufacture world class field equipment in order to support those that protect our communities.

Core Values

Innovation : Provide only the best equipment anywhere. Our Innovation gives us the competitive edge . We will not release anything bearing the Crossfire name until it has been tested and validated as field ready.

Competency : Our team are highly competent within their chosen fields. We will not rest on our laurels and always strive for excellence in everything we do. We lead not follow.

Strategy: Simplicity and reliability, Our people drive innovation and technical excellence .

Honesty: We are always honest and open with our clients. We will respect our clients confidentiality and requests. We will work with our clients to produce an optional product that exceeds expectation.

Trust: Hard won and easily lost, Crossfire will make great effort to ensure we work with both internally and eternally within strict ethical guidelines related to finance, operating environment and environmental issues.


CrossFire has the enormous privilege to retain Ian Maley as our consultant designer.  His expertise, insight and capabilities are legend.  Due to Ian’s abilities we often bring a project from concept to finished prototype in a matter of weeks.  And still he astonishes us with innovations galore.

See more about Ian at www.wildernessequipment.com.au

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