DG-16 Frameset
Designed from first principles, there is nothing else like it, anywhere.

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Deep thinking and decades of R&D have resulted in the finest military pack frame system on the planet. The DG16 Frame System embodies everything we have learnt in three decades: materials science, ergonomics, integration and combat experience. It has been designed from first principles. There is nothing else like it, anywhere.

  • Upgrade issue ALICE type packs;
  • Adapter kits available;
  • Add DG MULE load sling for a platform for radios, base plates, ammo and other demanding loads.
  • Protected by US Design Patents D838,974 and D845,618

Story of the DG-16 Frameset – Nothing else like it, anywhere.

In conjunction with input from the end user and SME’s in the back country hiking industry Crossfire Australia recently designed and tooled the DG frame set a COT injected-moulded polymer frame. Based on the feedback provided from both training and combat we were able to develop a frame that will flex at the same rate as the human back. Too little flex, forces the hips and shoulders to fight with every stride. Fatiguing. Overflexing forces the shoulders to fight angular momentum as the load swings wide with each step.

The DG frame set flexes just right, hips and shoulders move freely, stride is longer and less exhausting. Active ventilation keeps things cool. The frame is designed to incorporate CBA in the frame system reducing torsional instability. The harness system can be quickly set at different levels to accommodate different torso lengths.

Shoulder straps are shaped and tapered to work over CBA and smoothly transfer load away from the brachial plexus nerve group. The whole shoulder harness yoke assembly can be quickly extended up or retracted down with three height settings built into the webbing attachments.

Features of the DG-16 Frameset – Nothing else like it, anywhere.


  • weight: 2.2 kg
  • dimensions: 56x34x28cm
  • frame system: 20 inch back length adjustable
  • harnessing style: 3 size adjustable

2 reviews for DG-16 Frameset – Nothing else like it, anywhere.

  1. Zak Lawrence

    Absolutely superb quality with their construction, will definitely be buying more in the future.

  2. LN

    Absolutley Amazing

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