MK.VII (110L)
Long Range Reconnaisance Patrol Pack

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The Mk.VII was designed from the ground up with Long Range Patrolling as its primary spec. The original WE SAS pack was purposed designed by and for the Australian SASR in the late 80’s early 90’s. The updated Mk.VII features the lightweight DG Frame, swap in internal frame sheet (for minimizing pack footprint for vehicle mounted), 1 hydration sleeve, and a PRC117G radio pouch.

The Mk.VII is a 110 L (6712  pack including a 23 L (1403 sleeping bag stuff compartment side access at the bottom. It features four external pockets with top-opening. The lid has a removable stow pouch and the two side pouches are also removable. The Mk.VII was purposely designed tough with the long range military patrol in mind. It is perfectly designed for arctic warfare, boasting plenty of extra room for the usual bulkier cold weather gear and shelter needed for such inhospitable environments.

Crossfire SAS Mk. VII Long Range Patrol Pack

Features of the Mk.VII (110L) Long Range Reconnaisance Patrol Pack


  • 110 L (6712
  • 500 Denier Cordura.
  • DG 16 – 20″ (50.8cm) Frameset.
  • 2 removable side sustainment pouches.
  • 1 removable top lid pouch.
  • Side opening sleep system pouch which automatically collapses when not in use, opening up more space in the main pack compartment. Accessible while in the prone position for concealment in an hide site.
  • Several horizontal and vertical compression straps allowing you to cinch down evenly throughout the entire pack.
  • Adjustable kidney belt height.
  • Adjustable shoulder yoke height.
  • Adjustable sternum strap height.
  • Quick emergency release toggles on the shoulder harness.
  • Removeable waist belt wings.
  • 3 built in mesh compartments on the inner walls of the main compartment.
  • 1 double wide hydration sleeve hangar (hydration bladder not included).
  • Bilateral hydration tube/comms wire openings.
  • Heavy duty zips.

17 reviews for Mk.VII (110L) Long Range Reconnaisance Patrol Pack

  1. ME

    Great packs straight out of the box

  2. TJ

    Love Mine!!!

  3. Richard

    I have had one for a few months now and I can safely say that other than the zippers I like it more than any of my mystery ranch bags which are all close to double the price. If they update the zippers I’d give it a 10/10.

  4. Michael R Hampton

    By far the best pack I’ve ever had. Very good quality. I was worried it would be too big for me, I’m 5’6 160 lbs so not a big guy by any means. But it fits me great. I probably have 65 lbs in it and it’s very comfortable. Great job!!!

  5. GD

    Top of the line piece of kit, well put together and comfort level is 100%. I wish we had these when I first joined the Australian army in ’88. My back and neck would have loved it lol.

    Crossfire has gained my trust in the quality. They may not have the advertising budget of some of the brands out there. Some of which lowered QC on some kits.

    The comfort and fit of the frame is especially one thing I noticed straight off with great distribution and a real good fit to the body with airflow and no pack swaying all over the shop. It’s what is put into their gear that makes them a choice to many different roles which are often very demanding on kit and bodies.

    That’s why many that own Crossfire packs do so because they really don’t give a crap what name appears on their gear but how well it performs and keeps performing. Then there are some out there that looking Gucchie and having the brand name is the top of their list, regardless of fit, form construction, and application.

    I’m not as young and my body reminds me, yet as I have my best mate and service dog also for my back and neck to carry even weight rather than one side with a plastic bag full of stuff pulling and aggravating some of the torn nerves and disks. Hence my purchase of the long-range pack for our get away from all the people’s time in the scrub.

    My physio was very impressed with the make of the pack, especially how well the frame works with my body keeping weight on the nice padded belt and on hips.

    I hope to be able to add one of their patrol packs and an extra pouch or such as I need to carry a pack whenever going out.

    I wouldn’t recommend any kit without researching from other brothers and feeling for myself. With any kit you need to know it’s going to work hard and take all types of punishment and still keep rocking. Crossfire does just this. STAY STRONG to all 👍😎🇦🇺

  6. Nedelin D

    Great Packs!

  7. George

    As an ex- soldier, I have always wanted a ruck big enough to haul everything, including the kitchen sink, yet still be comfortable, functional and manoeuvrable. If you’re after the same, then look no further… this is it.

  8. John Steele

    I’ve had one of the original SAS Mk6 packs for many years now and the setup is superb, and you can just keep cramming things into it!

    I’d highly recommend one of these.

  9. Gavin

    I’ve used this pack in the field for about 4 weeks now. The frame and straps are extremely comfortable with body armour under a heavy load. And I find the stuff compartment for your sleeping bag extremely quick and convenient. The pack is durable and I’d recommend it without a second thought.

  10. Luke Warren

    Amazing pack exceptional quality 👌

  11. Will Roberts

    Best pack I’ve ever owned hands down! Very modular. Obvious thought put into the design. Very comfortable!

  12. itieknots_7

    Awesome packs. I already have a DG3, and just bought a MkVII SAS.

  13. Greg Sams

    I’ve been using the MKIV 110L Long Range Military Patrol Pack quite extensively for a few months now. I’m happy to recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a tough, durable, spacious and comfortable well-made pack, believe me you won’t be disappointed when it’s on your back.

  14. wilderness_equipment

    A modern classic.

  15. battlept2380

    I’m happy carrying it around, bloody good pack 💪

  16. Kenny Stewart

    Best pack ever made!

  17. John Murphy

    Got one of the MK originals it’s still going strong

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