Warranty - Crossfire Packs
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Limited Lifetime Warranty

We know our equipment is superior in quality. Crossfire equipment is best in class, worldwide. 

Most equipment we sell is military tried and tested. Our designs have been through a lot of refinement over the years.

Materials suppliers, production engineers and factory staff have been with us for decades. Their level of competence gives us the confidence to offer exceptional build quality and function.

We design and manufacture for the end-user, to support those who rely on our equipment to get home at the end of the day.

Products made by Crossfire will come under the warranty of the product producer (the exception being the Peacekeeper boots).

If any of our equipment fails due to workmanship, we’ll repair or replace it.

If there is a product defect (it’s extremely rare, but it can happen) we’ll replace it.

If an item fails due to normal wear and tear, we’ll cost out the repair and give you some options. In a lot of cases, the most sensible solution is a decent credit towards the purchase of a new item.

Regardless, start your warranty inquiry by emailing glenn@crossfire.com.au with a description and (if possible) some pictures of the problem. And we’ll get the ball rolling. 

Warranty Submission Procedure: 

  • Once you submit your claim, you will receive a confirmation email. Then, within three (3) business days, you will receive another email with detailed instructions on how we will proceed. If you do not receive the confirmation email within 24-hours, please check your SPAM folder. If it’s not there, please contact us
  • If instructed to do so, send us your item per the instructions provided in the email. Please write your CLAIM# large and visible on the outside of the box. 
  • Once Crossfire receives your item, we evaluate for both warranty and non-warranty issues. Any warranty issues are fixed at no cost to you and shipping is covered by us. Crossfire is the only party authorized to determine warranty eligibility. Crossfire reserves the right to determine between defective product and normal wear-and-tear. Submitting a warranty claim does not guarantee repair or replacement. Product(s) sent to us for warranty will be evaluated for repair (or replacement) at Crossfire’s sole discretion.
  • If necessary, we will contact you with an estimate detailing all non-warranty repair costs. 
  • Your approval for the non-warranty repair work and payment information will be required before we begin any non-warranty repairs. 

Warranty Exclusions

The following circumstances will not be covered under warranty:

  • Repairs, or alterations, to any area of the product done or attempted by anyone other than an authorized Crossfire repair facility.
  • Products classified as seconds, samples, or used.
  • Damage from sunlight, chlorine, improper recreational use or care, or any damage beyond the product’s natural life expectancy.
  • Warranty claim requests without valid proof of purchase.

What Does Limited Lifetime Mean?

We stand by our equipment, we trust it and have designed it to last.

However, we recognise that nothing lasts forever. That said, our products should last for their intended purpose for a duration that exceeds most other brands.

Think of it like this. If a seam suddenly breaks open or a zipper fails on your pack, we will sort it out.

Just be mindful though, it doesn’t cover wear & tear. Things like “damage in transit” by baggage handlers or airport conveyor belts. Storm/wind damage that breaks a tent pole (when above and beyond the tents rating). Holes in tent floor due to a rock or stick poking through. Or that the product has just worn out through excessive use, it’s reached the end of its life.